Welcoming the iconic duo, Wallace & Gromit

Welcoming the iconic duo, Wallace & Gromit

There are few characters in animation who are quite as iconic as Aardman’s Wallace & Gromit and their films, The Wrong Trousers, A Grand Day Out, A Close Shave, and many more, are cherished childhood memories to many. So, when the opportunity came to create a collection around their amazing adventures to celebrate their 30th Birthday, and their stunning show, Musical Marvels (more on that later…) it was something I jumped at the chance to do.

There are three designs in the main collection, Wallace and Gromit, naturally, but we’ve also included the favourite criminal mastermind, Feathers, from The Wrong Trousers and his trademark red rubber glove hat!

Feathers Charm

Every single piece has been meticulously made to ensure every detail, from the clothing to the poses. They have been created digitally in 3D, from which a mould was made. It is from this that the final silver designs emerge before we oxidise them to unveil all the details. You can choose to wear them on a charm bracelet or on a chain, however they make you smile!

Wallace & Gromit Charms

The goal of our jewellery collections are to make you smile with happy memories and thoughts, to create keepsakes of the best moments, so when we heard that Wallace & Gromit were hitting the road with their show ‘Musical Marvels’ it was something we knew had to be celebrated. The exclusive show designs were born. Available to buy at every show this summer, the two new designs featured Wallace on the cymbals and Gromit playing the violin in intricate detail. They are the perfect memento of a fabulous day out! Don’t fret though, the designs will be available on the Licensed to Charm website once the show run has finished, so you too can own your very own musical pair!

Wallace & Gromit Musical Marvels

We have thoroughly enjoyed creating this collection for you and can’t help but smile when we see these beloved characters and we hope you feel the same. And finally, Happy 30th Birthday Wallace & Gromit!