World Mental Health Day 2020

World Mental Health Day 2020

At Licensed To charm, it is important to us to keep up the conversation surrounding Mental Health. This year for World Mental Health day 2020 we are joining in on the conversation to raise awareness and discuss how jewellery can be of benefit to this. 

You may have seen back in May, during Mental Health Awareness Week, we brought together a group of amazing women to discuss Mental Health and to talk more about their personal journey. Within this video they also discussed the importance of having snippets of normality during hard times like this year; including wearing their favourite jewellery. It was fantastic to hear all the different experiences and feel a part of something meaningful. 

So you may be wondering how jewellery can be of benefit to our mental health, so below are some quotes from the women involved, all about their personal experience.

“Jewellery is my way of feeling dressed up, especially during lockdown - it gives me a sense of routine. It makes me happy and gives me a reminder of my loved ones when they aren’t here. - Paige, Social Media Manager.

“Jewellery can be so much more to people than just the look of it. Routine is so important with anxiety and mental health, knowing how our day is going to pan out eases any uncertainty. Waking up and having a routine like putting on your face cream and favourite necklace can really help knowing what you are going to be doing that day.” - Sophie Eggleton, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger.

“I love wearing jewellery to feel more like myself and feel more put together. I’m a huge fan of sentimental jewellery and having a piece of my family with me.” - Jaide Poppy, Freelance creative & blogger.

“Wearing jewellery really does make me feel better on down days, I can put on a pair of earrings and a necklace and not wear any makeup and still feel that bit of myself that can tackle anything.” - Kitty Cowell, Stylish & influencer

We hope this little insight into jewellery for mental health inspires you to feel good. It has been a strange year for so many of us and it is so important to find ways, even small things we can do on a personal level to stay happy and healthy. 

If you would like to treat yourself to something special this World Mental Health Day, or someone else that may need a little reminder of how loved they are, you can shop our beautiful jewellery collection here.