Miffy at the gallery - The Art of Dick Bruna

Miffy at the gallery - The Art of Dick Bruna

At Licensed To Charm we appreciate art and regularly attend exhibitions and visit art galleries and museums. When working on our recent launch of the Miffy jewellery collection, we were heavily influenced by Dick Bruna’s work as a designer, artist, and storyteller, and his minimalist approach is reflected in our range.

Bruna’s work was first exhibited in a museum in 1977. Art lovers admire the iconic shapes and pared-back colour palette that makes his work so instantly recognizable. In this blog post, we discuss this further and celebrate the wonderful Miffy at Gallery book.

Miffy at the gallery licensed to charm

In the Netherlands, you can visit the wonderful Miffy museum, which has a series of miniature worlds. Ten rooms, each dedicated to a different subject, to be enjoyed by young children. The museum opened in 2016 and has since been enjoyed by both young and old. Inspired by Dick Bruna’s picture books, the miniature worlds created in these rooms include Miffy’s house and familiar everyday experiences such as going to the doctor and going to the zoo. This experience is also reflected in the book Miffy at the Gallery which is about Miffy’s experience seeing art for the first time. Learning to appreciate colours, shapes, and art is why art lovers all over the world have an appreciation for the character and art style.

miffy at the gallery

It was the use of Dick Bruna’s use of colours that made his simplified works instantly recognisable. Dick Bruna’s style of illustration is distinctive: bright, colourful and minimal. “What matters to me is reducing everything to its essence so that no line is redundant. That is the strength of simplicity: the art of omission.”

This week we celebrate the artist movement and share our Miffy jewellery pieces based on his illustrations. Our Miffy jewellery pieces really reflect the minimalist charming artworks, and we love how our jewellery is wearable art. Each piece is hand-crafted in the UK in Sterling Silver, with craftsmanship that resembles the very hands-on approach Dick had in his works. 

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