Miffy & The Moon Launch!

Miffy & The Moon Launch!

July 20th is National Moon Day which celebrates July 20th, 1969, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first American astronauts to walk on the moon.  

The first moon landing inspired an enduring fascination with space and in 1979, as the world celebrated the 10th anniversary of the moon walk, a wordless picture book by Dick Bruna called Miffy’s Dream was published.

In the story book, Miffy dreams that she meets a bunny from another country. High up in the sky, floating on clouds they visit the moon and play until they are too tired to keep their eyes open. Then the little friends fall fast asleep.

The magical image of Miffy sitting on a crescent moon from the story inspired our beautiful new Miffy on the Moon pendant. It’s rendered in 925 Sterling Silver, with sateen texturing added to the moon to suggest it’s silvery glow and a gold vermeil variant for a harvest moon effect. The jewellery collection also includes a beautiful brooch.

Fans of space, the moon and the stars will be able to treasure these pieces – and love them to the moon and back!

Get the look and wear the Miffy and the moon charm layered with your other Miffy jewellery. It would look great over pastel outfits and block colours. Add the brooch to a jacket collar or handbag for a statement detail. Share your looks on social media with the hashtag #Licensedtocharm and tag us @licensedtocharm

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