All Hail Queen Miffy: A Regal Nod to Nostalgia

All Hail Queen Miffy: A Regal Nod to Nostalgia

All Hail Queen Miffy: A Regal Nod to Nostalgia



Hello, Miffy enthusiasts! ✨

There's a delightful rustle, not just the turning of storybook pages. It's the royal announcement of the newest jewel in our crown: The Queen Miffy Jewellery Collection! From the charming streets of Dick Bruna's tales to the majestic corridors of a royal palace, Miffy has always inspired. This collection, designed with heart, is a tribute to the iconic rabbit and every moment she has made special in our lives.

Why Queen Miffy?
Do you remember that delightful tale where Miffy dreams she's the Queen of all Rabbits? How she imagines ruling with kindness, grace, and that unmistakable Miffy charm? While it was a dream in Bruna's tales, we brought it to life, immortalising Queen Miffy in shimmering silver and gold.

Spotlight on the Collection: 

  1. Queen Miffy Stud Earrings: Tiny studs echo the simplicity and beauty of Miffy’s world. It's a subtle way to carry a piece of nostalgia with you.
  2. Full Body Necklace: A more detailed and majestic representation. Queen Miffy will surely be a conversation starter in all her glory.
  3. Pin Brooch: Versatile and oh-so-regal. Perfect for those who love a dash of whimsy in their attire.

Each piece is handcrafted from 925 Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold Vermeil pen plating. When you wear them, you're not just wearing jewellery but moments, memories, and a sprinkle of Miffy magic.



A Coronation, A Celebration:
The King's grand coronation was the spark. This collection is our way to commemorate it. It's a blend of luxury with the playfulness Miffy embodies, a nod to royalty and reminiscence.


So, whether you're looking to add a royal touch to your everyday look, seeking the perfect gift for a fellow Miffy lover, or simply wish to be part of a magical launch that bridges today with our cherished yesteryears, the Queen Miffy Collection is where dreams meet reality.

Join us in celebrating a launch that's truly fit for a queen, a rabbit queen that is! Dive into the world of Queen Miffy, and let's relive, rejoice, and revel in regal charm. Dream big. Sparkle more. Shine bright, just like Miffy. The collection launches 7th September 2023. 

Till next time, keep hopping in style! ????????

LTC Team