Elegant jewelry pieces from the Lift 109 Collection, inspired by the iconic Battersea Power Station, showcasing British craftsmanship and design.

The Legacy of Lift 109: Capturing the Essence of Battersea Power Station in Wearable Art!

Introducing the Lift 109 Collection: A Nod to Heritage, Crafted with Charm


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We are thrilled to unveil the Lift 109 Collection – a culmination of history, artistry, and sheer British craftsmanship. Designed and handcrafted by Licensed To Charm, based right in the heart of Battersea, this collection is more than just jewellery; it's a narrative, a memory, and a testament to the iconic Battersea Power Station.

In May, Battersea jewellery company, Licensed to Charm, was handpicked for a monumental task – to capture the legacy of the reputedly largest brick building in Europe, the Battersea Power Station, in a capsule jewellery collection. The heart of this collection? The iconic London Brick.

A mosaic of London's industrial past and pioneering design, Battersea Power Station is not just an architectural marvel but also a testament to the grandeur and resilience of British craftsmanship. Deeply embedded in this monumental edifice is the story of the golden brown pressed bricks, the very fabric of its construction. And in the heart of that story lies a legacy linked to Captain E G Spencer-Churchill, a war hero and a kin to the famed Winston Churchill. The bricks that once stood the test of time and nature were produced by a firm founded by Captain E. G. Spencer-Churchill. 


But the narrative doesn't just end at the rebirth of a legendary building. It transcends bricks and mortar to take the shape of exquisite jewellery pieces that echo the legacy and aesthetics of the Battersea Power Station. The Lift 109 Collection is a tribute, a keepsake, and a wearable story. 

3D Designer Toby Whiting swiftly translated this vision into a tangible design, presenting a 3D artwork of the brick. With a thoughtful nod to the Lift 109 Gift Store, the number '109' was seamlessly integrated into the frog of the brick. This unique addition elevates the design and strengthens its ties to its muse, the Battersea Power Station, and the exclusive Lift 109 Gift Store.




This was approved, and work began on a  range, including cufflinks and a pendant. The first samples were in two sizes. While the smaller size didn't quite hit the mark for the cufflinks and pendant, they shone brilliantly as earrings – thus adding another feather to this enchanting range.

The final pieces, manifested in recycled Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil, demanded a setting befitting their elegance for their first photography shoot. This vision came to life with Holly from Pocket Creatives at the esteemed WOW Studios in Battersea.

After the shoot, we experimented with ideas for retail display and mocked up an idea in our Webbs Road shop, using real London bricks in a Blackbird Bespoke metal and glass display table. This display table, infused with much character and narrative, captivated our client's imagination. It now graces the Lift 109 gift shop, soon to be adorned with the complete London Brick merchandise.

Bringing us to the present, the Lift 109 Collection, a blend of history and modern artistry, is set to launch on the 30th of September. We're filled with anticipation and hope as the doors open and these pieces come to light. Visitors to the shop will embrace, and we hope, will love this collection as much as we do, bearing witness to the art, history, and legacy of the Battersea Power Station.

The Lift 109 Collection, like its namesake, is exclusive and unique. A limited collection, it is available only at the Lift 109 Online Store and its physical counterpart. These are not just pieces of jewellery; they are fragments of history, art, and legacy combined into wearable masterpieces.

If you cherish London, value craftsmanship, and have an eye for detail, the Lift 109 Collection is where the heart of the Battersea Power Station beats, ready to be worn and celebrated.

Until next time!

LTC Team xoxo