National Wrong Trousers Day: Celebrate with Fun and Laughter!

National Wrong Trousers Day: Celebrate with Fun and Laughter!

Every year, National Wrong Trousers Day brings a smile to faces everywhere. Launched in 1997 by The Grand Appeal and Aardman, this quirky day was inspired by the beloved "Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers." The idea is simple: wear your most ridiculous trousers and have a great time!

We’re joining the celebration with our exclusive Wallace and Gromit Collection. Perfect for fans of all ages, our collection brings the whimsy and charm of the iconic duo right to your wardrobe. Our collection includes:

Miniature Bronze Figure of Wallace: Capture the essence of Wallace in his iconic wrong trousers with this beautifully crafted bronze figure.

Gromit Keyrings: Available in sterling silver and gold-tone, these keyrings are a perfect way to carry a bit of Gromit wherever you go.

Wallace and Gromit Cufflinks: Add a touch of charm to your attire with our unique cufflinks featuring the beloved characters.

Necklaces: Choose from designs featuring feathers, Gromit, and Wallace to add a whimsical touch to your jewellery collection.

So, dig out your craziest trousers, share the fun, and explore our collection to add a touch of Wallace and Gromit magic to your day.

From all of us here, we hope you have a fantastic and laughter-filled Wrong Trousers Day! Feel free to share your wildest trousers with us – we’d love to see them and join in the fun. Happy Wrong Trousers Day!

Warm wishes, 

The Licensed To Charm Team x