Let's Stay Home & #MakeLikeCharming

With the country in lockdown, we want to keep a positive spin online within our content. We have asked ourselves, what can we do to make our community feel safe and to have a sense of normality whilst confined to our 4 walls? So this post is going to be a list of 5 things you can do at home to feel good and to focus on positive things. 

licensed to charm make life charming


  1. Dress up like you’re showing up! It’s easy to fall into the habit of wearing pajamas all day, not showering or simply just being a bit lazier than usual because you aren’t going out. If you are working from home or trying to find ways to fill your time then a good way to feel ‘normal’ is to get showered, dressed and made up as you normally would. It will make you feel physically more motivated and mentally more able to carry on as normal. So put on your favourite dress, an item of Licensed To Charm jewellery and a bright lipstick and get to work. 

  2. Make plans for the weekend! It may feel a bit weird penciling things into the diary but why not schedule a time and day to video chat family or friends? Grab a glass of wine, get dressed up (like noted above) and have a good chat with friends. Go the extra mile and plan to cook the same meal so it feels like a dinner party.

  3. Organise your accessories. Have you left your accessory storage way too long and it’s all got a bit tangled and messy? How about your jewellery, does it need a good clean? Use this time in-doors to sort out the drab to your fab, have a clear-out and re-organise your jewellery boxes, clean your nice silver and then wear them. 

  4. Make do and mend! Once you have a clear out did you find any pieces that were broken that you have been meaning to fix for ages? Why not watch a YouTube video tutorial on how to fix it yourself? Or turn it into something new? If it’s a piece of costume jewellery you could make it into a brooch or sew it onto a jacket. 

  5. Treat yourself! If you are in a position to do so then treat yourself. We are in a financially difficult time but being able to treat yourself to something small can give you something to look forward to. Keep your spirits high whilst also supporting small brands who need it. If you fancy a new piece of jewellery then all Licensed To Charm jewellery is handmade in the UK from Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil - plus we are still able to dispatch any online order!

Hopefully, this blog post gives you some positive things to do during these uncertain times. Head to our social channels for more fun interactive content and community building exercises. @licensedtocharm

Licensed To Charm Jewellery Make Life Charming