Bring a botanic vibe to your style with our new collection!

Our new Wild About Flowers collection celebrates all flowers from the carpets of woodland snowdrops and bluebells in spring to shy and retiring primroses and violets under hedgerows, the showy pink spires of Foxgloves that herald the start of summer, and daisies in the grass, nothing lifts the spirits like seeing our wildflowers in bloom again.

Wild About Flowers Collection

Wildflowers bring some romantic country charm to any garden, and their beautiful blooms can be transformed into jewellery charms with a special significance.

We’ve immortalised some of our favourites in everlasting silver charm jewellery, cast from original wax carvings commissioned from RCA Jewellery designer Joanne. Wildflowers are steeped in folklore and legend so wearing and gifting them can have a special significance.