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26th June 2018

Introduce texture, style and comfort in to your home with our guide to choosing and styling the right soft furnishings.

Cushions and throws are great because they work on so many levels; they can help bring personality into your room, pull your design scheme together and will also provide warmth and comfort in those dark, cold nights.

Here at Blackbird London, we have put together a few tips to help you choose and style the perfect soft furnishings for your space:


As soft furnishings can be changed relatively quickly, they are an easy way to update your space quickly. Light coloured cushions and soft linen throws are ideal for spring and summer, and can be replaced with warmer colours and textures when the autumn and winter roll in. It’s the little changes like this that can help keep your room fresh year after year.


Texture is key to adding depth and visual weight into a scheme. Wool is very on-trend for 2018, and it’s perfect to blend with silk curtains and cashmere throws. Alternatively, cotton mixed with cable knit and faux fur works really well. Make sure you choose complementary tones and patterns – getting this right, can transform your décor into a stylish, welcoming interior.


Cushions and throws are perfect for incorporating a splash of colour into your design scheme, and work particularly well if your palette is based mostly on neutral tones. That’s not to say that if you have a bold colour scheme that you can’t mix it with complementary cushions and throws – they are easy to change if you tire or they don’t work so well!


You can create impact and visual interest by introducing patterned and geometric prints. This works best in a room that features blocks of colours allowing them to subtly take centre stage. Monochromatic graphics, bright florals and subtle stripes can all add a new dimension to your design scheme.

Size & Shape

The size and shape of your cushions and throws will impact the overall look of our space. For a uniform look, choose one or two shapes and create two symmetrical displays on either end of the sofa or bed. For a more relaxed, eclectic feel, use an odd number of cushions in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Accessorising by Room

Cushions and throws work really well in a living room, helping to make the space feel inviting and relaxed. Importantly they should also offer ultimate luxury and comfort, so when you’re sat on the sofa, you want them to be comfortable, not just pleasing to the eye.

Using complementary colours, textures and patterns will ensure harmony and synergy, allowing your design scheme to flow.

In your bedroom, you should look to layer pillow and cushions to give your room a boutique feel that is cosy and comfy. Oversized pillows are perfect for resting against if you’re sitting up to read or watching television. Smaller cushions are ideal for resting a book or laptop on. Folding a designer throw at the foot of the bed will add texture and detailing to your interiors; choose something light for the summer months and something soft and comfortable for the winter.

Cushions and throws are made for snugs – don’t be afraid to mix and match all variants including size, shape, colour and fabrics. In-fact the more the better when it comes to being able to get cosy and comfy in your little hideaway.

We hope these tips and hints will help you choose the right cushions in future. To view our selection of cushions and throws, many of which are exclusive to Blackbird London, click here.

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