Sustainable Jewellery for Autumn

Sustainable Jewellery for Autumn

Be Inspired By Nature!

The temperature has turned, and we've dusted off our coats to keep out the autumn breeze. Meanwhile,  the hedgerow and garden are full of berries and the last flush of late flowers. The passing of the seasons and the constant transformation of the natural world is something we celebrate in our handmade Wild about Flowers Collection.

Our beautiful silver flowers will last a lifetime. They can be worn all year round: the beautiful poppy is the latest collection. It is available in 3 finishes - 18ct gold vermeil polished 925 Sterling Silver and Antique 925 Sterling Silver.

18ct Gold Vermeil Poppy Necklace

The wild, red field poppy flowers throughout  May and June have become a universal emblem of respect and hope. It was adopted shortly after the First World War as the official symbol of Remembrance and has been for 100 years. Other cultivated varieties flower throughout the year, bringing colour and joy to all.

We love the latest Poppy Necklace: elegant and simple, with petals creased like papery –thin and delicate originals, and the distinctive flower centre.

It’s currently available as a necklace, with earrings and a bracelet version coming soon!

Discover the Wild About Flowers collection today.